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Meet The Staff

Strategic Leadership Team

Miss Poulter

Ms Poulter

Mr Sorrento

Mr Sorrento
Vice Principal

Mrs Cameron

Mrs Cameron
Vice Principal, SLT Safeguarding Lead

Mrs Chambers

Mrs Chambers
Assistant Principal – Discover

Mr Mills

Mr Mills
Assistant Principal – Create

Mrs Myhill

Mrs Myhill
Assistant Principal – Teaching & Learning

Mr Pillar

Mr Pillar
Assistant Principal – Achieve

Mr Warnes

Mr Warnes
Assistant Principal – Thrive

Mrs Pressley

Mrs Pressley
Director of Business and Finance

Ms Spurgeon

Ms Spurgeon
PA to the Principal

Ms Madelin

Ms Madelin
Director of Data

Mr Oldman

Mr Oldman
Premises and Facilities Manager

Teaching Staff – 2016/17

Ms Adcock Head of Geography
Mr Ashurst Head of Humanities
Mr Ayers Cover Supervisor
Mrs Barrett English
Mr Burton Science
Mr Callaby 2i/c PE
Mrs Cameron Vice Principal
Mr Cullen Head of Creative Arts
Miss Cunningham English
Mrs Dawson English
Mrs Edwards English
Ms Engledow Literacy Co-ordinator, English
Mr Ferguson Maths
Mrs Ford Head of Science
Mr Ford ICT
Miss Green Head of Music
Mr Hall Mathematics
Mr Hall Mathematics
Mr Harness Mathematics
Mr Hatton Science
Mrs Hawkins Geography
Mr Herridge Head of Technology
Mrs Homewood 2 i/c English
Ms Horton Child Care
Mr Howard Drama
Mr Hoyle History
Mrs Hunter Mathematics
Miss Jackman PE
Mrs Janota – Fisher Science
Mr Jones ICT
Mrs Kaloo Cover Supervisor
Mr Keeble Curriculum Manager
Mr King Community Sport, PE
Miss Langhan Art
Mrs Malley-Chambers Assistant Principal – DISCOVER
Miss Martin-Schrader Science
Mr Mills Assistant Principal – CREATE
Mr Moye Head of Mathematics
Mrs Myhill Assistant Principal, Head of English
Mrs Naranjo-Clark MFL
Ms Parker MFL
Mrs Peck Textiles
Mr Pillar Assistant Principal – ACHIEVE
Ms Poulter Principal
Mrs Ribery-Doyle Head of MFL
Mrs Rodwell English
Ms Russell Mathematics
Mr Shuttlewood Science
Mr Sorrento Vice Principal
Ms Spauls Head of Vocational Learning
Mr Steele-Atkinson English
Ms Taylor Head of PE
Mrs Taylor-Maughan Head of Drama
Mrs Tranah Science
Mr Vickers Head of Social Ethics
Mr Wakelin Mathematics
Mr Walker 2 i/c Mathematics
Mrs Wall-Key Counsellor
Mr Warnes Assistant Principal – THRIVE
Mr Whiteley Food Technology
Mr Wright Head of ICT, E-learning Lead


Support Staff – 2016/17

R Ayres Cover Supervisor
B Banham Teaching Assistant
J Banham Teaching Assistant
R Barrett Teaching Assistant
C Blamey Librarian
Z Brown Engage Worker (Ormiston Families)
L Bullen Attendance Officer
J Butcher Community Leader – DISCOVER
L Carroll PA to the Vice Principals and Marketing Co-ordinator
E Chambers Teaching Assistant
D Chapman Community Leader – CREATE
S Cheung Teaching Assistant
D Chiddle Teaching Assistant
K Eley Community Leader – ACHIEVE
F Filby Teaching Assistant
B Fillette Language Assistant
R Gaines Teaching Assistant
N Gibbs Network Manager
R Hunt Art Technician
P Hunter School Games Organiser
A Jackson Safeguarding Manager
J Jermy Teaching Assistant
A Kaloo Cover Supervisor
D Kapoor Teaching Assistant
D Knights Finance Officer
S Leech Receptionist
W Madelin Director of Data
K Makepeace Examinations Manager
C Maxted Art Technician
C Myall Community Leader – THRIVE
D Myhill Senior Science Technician
D Nash ICT Technician
A Pacini Intervention Manager
M Pendergast Business Administration Apprentice
A Pressley Director of Business and Finance
T Prewer Teaching Assistant
C Rigby PE Administration
L Robins Language Assistant
W Rowe Senior Administration Officer
K Smith Teaching Assistant
J Spurgeon PA to the Principal
H Stenson Teaching Assistant
S Verma EAL teacher
R Walker D & T Technician
L Waterfield Administration
J Whittley Business Administration Apprentice


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