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Meet The Staff

Strategic Leadership Team

Miss Poulter

Ms T Poulter

Mr Sorrento

Mr S Sorrento
Vice Principal

Mrs Cameron

Mrs Z Cameron
Vice Principal, SLT Safeguarding Lead


Mrs N Pettit
Vice Principal, 2 Year Secondment, Ormiston Victory Academy

Mrs Chambers

Mrs C Chambers
Assistant Principal – Discover

Mr Jones

Mr J Jones
Assistant Principal – Achieve

Mr Mills

Mr S Mills
Assistant Principal – Create

Mrs Myhill

Mrs P Myhill
Assistant Principal – Teaching & Learning

Mr Pillar

Mr G Pillar
Assistant Principal – Standards

Mr Warnes

Mr M Warnes
Assistant Principal – Thrive

Mrs Pressley

Mrs A Pressley
Director of Business and Finance

Ms Spurgeon

Ms Spurgeon
PA to the Principal

Ms Madelin

Ms W Madelin
Director of Data

Mr Oldman

Mr K Oldman
Director of Estates


Name Subject/Role
Poulter, Ms. T Principal
Spurgeon, Ms. J PA to Principal/HR Manager


Malley Chambers, Mrs. C German – Assistant Principal (Discover)
Barret, Mr. R Senior Science Technician
Butcher, Mrs. J Community Lead – Discover
Burton, Mr. J Science – 2nd i/c Science
Cattee, Mr. S Science Technician
Chambers, Miss E Science
Ford, Mrs. C Science – Head of Faculty
Kaushall, Miss P Science
Martin-Schrader, Mrs. R Science – 2nd i/c Science
Pettit, Miss N Vice Principal (2 Year Secondment, Ormiston Victory Academy)
Ribery, Mrs. H MFL – Head of Faculty
Walton, Mr. P Science


Mills, Mr. S Humanities – Assistant Principal (Create)
Chapman, Mr. D Community Lead – Create
Adcock, Miss K Geography – Head of Department
Ashurst, Mr. M History
Cameron, Mrs. Z Vice Principal
Cullen, Mr. N Art – Head of Faculty
Howard, Mrs C Music – Head of Performing Arts
Hawkins, Mrs. L Geography – Senior Teacher for PP
Howard, Mr. J Drama – Head of Department
Hoyle Mr. J History – Head of Department
Langhan, Miss A Art
Sewell, Mr. R Humanities – Head of SMSC
Ripley, Mrs. A Humanities


Warnes, Mr. M PE – Assistant Principal (Thrive)
Bufford, Mr W. ICT – Head of Department
Callaby, Mr. R PE – Partnership Development Manager
Ford, Mr. I ICT
George, Miss S Community Lead – Thrive
Herridge, Mr. N Hard Technology and Engineering – Head of Department
Jackman, Miss Z PE
Jones, Mr. J ICT – Assistant Principal (Achieve)
O’Brien, Mr. J PE – 2nd i/c Vocational Coordinator
O’Brien, Mrs. K PE – Vocational Coordinator
Roe, Mrs C Textiles – Head of Department
Taylor, Miss J PE – Head of Faculty
Whiteley, Mr N Food – Head of Department
Wright, Mr. N ICT – Head of STEM Learning


Jones, Mr. J ICT – Assistant Principal (Achieve)
Pillar, Mr. G Maths – Assistant Principal (Standards)
Eley, Mrs. K Community Lead – Achieve
Myhill, Mrs. P English – Assistant Principal (Teaching  & Learning)
Bennett Lorraine English
Blamey, Ms. C Librarian
Cormack Claire English
Dawson, Mrs. D English
Engledow, Miss L English – More Able Coordinator
Ferguson, Mr. D Maths
Hanzelyova, A Maths
Homewood, Miss B English – 2nd i/c English
Hunter, Miss H Maths
Jones, Mrs. T English – 2nd i/c English
Lawes, Ms. H English – Head of Faculty
Moye, Mr. A Maths – Head of Faculty
Rodwell, Mrs. M English
Russell, Mrs. G Maths
Sorrento, Mr. S English – Vice Principal
Walker, Mr. P Maths – 2 i/c Maths
White, Miss E English


Support Staff Subject/Role
Ayers, Mr. R ICT Technician
Barrett, Mr. R Senior Science Technician
Chiddle, Mrs. D Catering Technician
Filby, Ms. F Safeguarding and SEND Administrator
Fillette, Mrs. B Cover Supervisor
French, Miss T Include Manager
Hacon, Mrs. C Cover Supervisor
Hunt, Mrs. R Art Technician
Jackson, Miss A Safeguarding Manager
Jermy, Mrs. J TA English
Johnson, Mrs. H Safeguarding and SEND Administrator
Kapoor, Mrs. D TA English
Pacini, Mr. A Include Mentor
Prewer, Mrs. T TA Progress Centre
Rigby, Mrs. C PE Assistant/Sports Reception
Smith, Mrs. K TA Progress Centre
Stenson, Mrs. Helen TA Maths
Udell, Mr. E School Games Organiser
Walker, Mr. R Technology Technician
Wall-Key, Mrs. S Councellor


Office Staff Subject/Role
Bullen, Miss L PA to Safeguarding and SEND
Carroll, Mrs. L PA to Vice Principals
Filby, Miss E Admin Officer
Keeble, Mr. S Curriculum Manager
Knights, Mrs. D Finance Officer
Leech, Ms. S Receptionist
Madelin, Miss W Director of Data/Intervention Manager
Oldman, Mr. K Director of Estates
Pillar, Mr J Finance Admin
Pressley, Mrs. A Director of Business and Finance
Rowe, Mrs. W Data and Assessment
Waterfield, Ms. L Admin. Assistant


Site Staff Subject/Role
Bartram, Mr. M Assistant Caretaker
Bone, Mr. J Cleaner
Cousins, Mr. D Site Manager
Daniels Tracey Cleaner
Giddings Maria Cleaner
Goodrum, Ms. T Cleaner
Hannant, Mr. D Cleaner
Hogben Walsh, Mr. C Caretaker, Lettings Coordinator
Love Lucy Cleaner
McGee, Mr J Cleaner
Ortega, Mr. A Cleaner
Thomas, Mrs. K Lead Cleaner, Lettings Staff
Thompson, Miss J Cleaner


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