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We welcome all year groups before and after school to our library where they can access the resources. The library is open every day for students until 4pm.

CPOA Reading Pledge

At Cliff Park Ormiston Academy, we believe that reading, and particularly reading for pleasure or benefit, has a direct impact on cognitive and social communicative development. It has been shown to improve health and wellbeing, as well as improving compassion and empathy for others. Our aim is to develop each student’s potential to the point where they are reading at, or above, their chronological reading age. Baseline data will inform us of individual intervention need.

CPOA Library

Reading Across the Curriculum

Once a week in KS3 and fortnightly in Year 9, students will have either a Reading for Pleasure or Library lesson, where they will read a book of their choice in silence and read a class reader with the teacher. English teachers will support students in making book choices and monitor their progress through texts. In addition, all students in Year 7- 9 will participate in short, one-minute reading fluency tests, and assigned a class reading buddy to support improved fluency where there is a need and monitored by their English teacher.

Across the curriculum, students will have the opportunity to read non-fiction articles relating to each subject area. This will broaden students’ understanding of the world around them and introduce them to key vocabulary needed to become fluent readers.

One of the highlights of our calendar is World Book Day, this takes place each year on the first Thursday of March. As an academy we celebrate this day and very much enjoy the activities that happen across the academy, we have the catering department involved, drama, and art to add to the creative elements of the day. The whole academy also follows a literacy day to celebrate Reading and Writing on this day. It is a day enjoyed by staff and students.

Finally, reading is supported in tutor time. Throughout the year, tutors will read novels, opening chapters, articles and non-fiction with their tutor groups to promote reading as widely as possible. They will also be learning word parts (morphology), including common root words, prefixes and suffixes, which offer strategies for students to recognise words and connect them to their prior knowledge.

In support of reading within the academy, we are very keen to hear what students and parents are reading at home. Please sign up to our reading pledge so that we can celebrate a shared love of reading, within our community. To support you in choosing books to read with your child please see our list of recommended reading books.

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