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Covid-19 Update

Dedicated school transport, including bus, mini bus or taxi

  • Social distancing guidance will not apply to dedicated school transport. This is because students will not be sharing with members of the general public and will generally, or mostly, be with the same group of students each day.
  • Face coverings should be worn by anyone aged 11 or over, and by younger children if they are able to do so safely. The face coverings do not need to be medical grade. Please ensure they are worn correctly covering the nose and mouth. Store them in a small sealable bag during the day.
  • Students should sit with others from their year group or bubble if possible.

Public transport

  • Students should observe social distancing guidelines on public services and sit in the seats marked. They can sit next to others from their family or school.
  • Face coverings are mandatory on public transport unless someone has an exemption.

For further details, please refer to the Norfolk County Council webpage here.

Norfolk County Council’s latest information booklet can also be downloaded here.

Information for Year 11 students

If you require transport to get to college of sixth form from September, you should apply to Norfolk County Council’s post-16 travel scheme as soon as possible.

It is not necessary for you to wait for your GCSE results in August before you apply. It is far better you apply now rather than leave it until results day. If you change your mind on the establishment that you wish to go to this is not a problem as Norfolk County Council can reassess your application.

If you decide to cancel the application it is not a problem and any money paid will be refunded.

In addition to our scheme, all local bus and train operators offer discounted tickets for students which are really good value too.

For details of our scheme please access the following website: Post-16 Travel Scheme.

Bus Services To Cliff Park Ormiston Academy

Norfolk County Council must provide free transport for children of compulsory school age (5-16) who attend their nearest catchment or nearest school, provided they meet the criteria below:

  1. They are 8 years of age or over and living more than 3 miles from school;
  2. They are of high school age, are entitled to free school meals or their parents are in receipt of the maximum level of Working Tax Credit and
    • they are attending one of 3 appropriate schools closest to their home and that school is between 2 and 6 miles away; or
    • they are attending the nearest school preferred on grounds of religion or belief, where this is between 2 and 15 miles from their home.

Bus Timetable

First have been contracted by Norfolk County Council to run our school buses. Please see below for the latest timetable:

Cliff Park Ormiston Academy (921 & 922) Bus Times 01-09-2020

It is the responsibility of the student to make sure that they keep their card safe and in one piece. Lost or defaced cards will need to be replaced. These can be obtained from Norfolk County Council for £10.00

The academy encourages all eligible students to use the school bus provision. The academy Pastoral Team will carry out “spot checks” on this service and students who fail to uphold the academy’s high standards of behaviour and conduct may be banned from the school bus provision for a fixed term period, and if appropriate, permanently.

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