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Home Academy Agreement

All academies are required to have a Home Academy Agreement. Details of ours is shown below. It outlines the importance of partnership working between students, parents/carers and the academy.

At Cliff Park Ormiston Academy, we strongly believe that, if we work together, we can ensure that your son/daughter has a happy and successful experience of school.

Every student has the right to an “outstanding” education in a caring, safe and stimulating environment:

As an academy we will try to:

  • Provide a safe, suitable and engaging learning environment;
  • Support all students to set and work towards aspirational targets;
  • Provide a curriculum, lessons and Home Learning that will challenge and enthuse students, preparing them for adult life and helping them to achieve their best;
  • Regularly mark student work and provide useful feedback;
  • Encourage good attendance and inform parents/carers if we have concerns;
  • Keep parents/carers informed termly about their son/daughter’s progress;
  • Consult, publish and consistently apply policies ;
  • Work with and support students and parents/carers, if problems arise, responding to communications promptly (within 48 hours) and with understanding;
  • Offer every opportunity for students to get involved in the life of the academy and wider-community.

As a parent/carer I will try to:

  • Make sure that my son/daughter attends the academy regularly and on time, promptly notifying the academy of any absence;
  • Provide my son/daughter with the correct uniform and appropriate equipment;
  • Encourage my son/daughter to work hard and support the academy’s ethos of high aspirations/expectations;
  • Encourage my son/daughter to behave well, respecting and valuing the academy and its environment and following academy policies;
  • Support the academy by ensuring my son/daughter responds to feedback and that Home Learning is completed;
  • Encourage my son/daughter to take part in extra-curricular and enrichment opportunities.
  • Communicate with, and respond to, communications from the academy, attending parent consultation events and telling the academy if I have any concerns that might affect my son/daughter’s work, happiness or behaviour.

As a student I will try to:

  • Take pride in myself and the academy, working to the best of my ability, so that I can reach my full potential;
  • Attend the academy every day and on time, wearing the correct uniform and bringing the necessary equipment;
  • Complete all work set, including Home Learning, to the best of my ability, always responding to feedback that is given;
  • Take advantage of the wide range of opportunities made available to me.
  • Follow the academy policies, accepting responsibility for my actions, being polite and respectful of others, treating them and the academy environment as I would like to be treated myself;
  • Speak to my Form Tutor, Assistant Principal and/or Community Lead when I have a problem.

Please note that by sending your son/daughter to Cliff Park Ormiston Academy/attending Cliff Park Ormiston Academy, you are agreeing to abide by this agreement and academy policy.

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