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Mathematics is taught to all pupils in Years 7 & 8. Students follow the National Curriculum at a level best suited to their ability. GCSE mathematics is taken by all students at key Years 9 / 10 / 11. They are entered through the Edexcel exam board. Most employers and colleges ask for a specific grade in GCSE Maths – often at ‘C’ or above.

Almost all jobs require you to be ‘numerate’ even if you chose a career that does not involve a specific grade at GCSE, the skills learnt will help you in many areas of adult life – budgeting, getting the best deal in shops, cooking etc.


Most students will cover:

  • Useful number skills, including ratio and percentages
  • Algebraic skills, including using algebra to solve problems
  • Working with shapes – angles, areas and transformations
  • Data handling – probability and graphs
  • Investigation techniques and functional mathematics


Extra curricular

Revision activities for year 11 take place on Mondays after school.

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