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Performing Arts Challenge

Creative Writing Challenge

Write about your experience, thoughts and feelings about Lockdown. This could be a rap, song lyrics, a poem or a piece of prose or a Drama/Film. Email your entries to your Assistant Principal by the 10th July 2020. Good Luck! We have extended the deadline!

There will be personal prizes as well as credits for your Community.


Get Active

Organise an activity for you family, this could be a walk or bike ride or maybe run a garden Olympics for your siblings – you could look at the PE challenge and get your family moving every morning after breakfast!

Email Mrs Cameron evidence of you family activity, there will be prizes for you and loads of credits for your Community as well. The deadline is 10th July 2020.


Photography Competition

The winner of the photography competition (find the joy in small places) goes to Violet Webb (Year 8). Well done to Violet who has won a £50.00 voucher.

Photo competition winner

Hard Boiled History Competition



We want the best work from Years 7 and 8 for a new display. The display will help our new Year 7s and be a good reminder for every student (and teacher) in the school! There are two parts to the display.

1. Posters helping students understand historical significance.

2. A hard-boiled egg competition, creating historically significant figures.


All completed work will be awarded credits. When we return to school the best posters will be used on our walls. Ms Poulter will help judge the winner of the egg competition and there will be prizes for the top three eggs!

Follow the instructions carefully in order to be successful. Good luck to you all and may the best work win!


Part 1 – Posters on historical significance

Weeks 1 and 2 – Producing your posters on ‘historical significance.’ This work should take at least two hours.

Before you can start making the poster you first have to remind yourself, or learn, what ‘historical significance’ means. Read the article on the 5 Rs for thinking about historical significance.
Produce a poster that shows a historical event/development/person relating to each of the 5 Rs. Plan this carefully first. (You should have five different historical examples on your poster.) Write one sentence to show how each event/development/ person you have chosen relates to that particular R. E.g. World War One is significant as it is remembered every November 11th by people across the world.
Remember, the poster is going to be used to educate Year 7 and help remind everybody else about why historians judge something to be significant. Therefore, the examples need to be clear and precise; but your design must be bold and catchy, so people want to read it.
How to hand it in
When you have completed your poster send a photograph of it to Google classroom. Don’t forget to bring it in and hand it to your history teacher when we are next back in school.

Part 2 – Hard-boiled egg competition

Week 3 and 4 – Rough work and planning. This work should take at least two hours.


Make a list of 5 individuals you have learnt about since joining Cliff Park. Jot down, if you can, why they are judged to be historically significant using the 5Rs as your criteria. E.g. Henry VIII was significant because his actions resulted in change for the Church in England.

Support if needed

If this is too difficult, use the mix and match sheet to help you with examples of significant individuals or events.
Once you have completed this, consider which person you are going to use as your inspiration for your egg. To complete the project, you will need to write a short explanation (100 words) about why they are historically significant, so think carefully.
If you have an interest in a historical figure we haven’t studied, feel free to use them instead.
Design how you want it to look. Will you simply use the egg, or will you present it in the egg box or a shoe box, or a diorama?
Will you paint the egg or stick things to it?
See the examples of the Henry VIII themed eggs (below) for inspiration.

King Henry Eggs

Week 5 and 6 – Producing the egg and the explanation

This should take two hours. Hard boil an egg and get creative! With the egg, you need to produce a paragraph of no more than 100 hundred words on why this person is historically significant. Try to use a range of the 5 Rs.
I appreciate that in the current climate eggs can be hard to come by, so if necessary, be creative and think about what else you could use that would have the same effect. (Any old ball) If you have to you can simply draw or paint your design.
How to hand it in
When you have completed your egg and your 100-word explanation, send a photograph of you with your egg and your explanation to Google classroom. Please also send in a close up of your egg to Google classroom. Don’t forget to bring it in and hand it to your history teacher when we are next back in school.


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