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The academy is committed to ensuring that learning continues beyond the classroom and views extended learning as an integral part of a student’s education.

Extended Learning

Years 7, 8 and 9 will have all their homework issued in one booklet at the start of each and every half-term. Students will be given a paper copy to take home by their form tutor and can also access a PDF using the homework booklet links below.


The booklet sets out Bronze, Silver and Gold Core tasks for each subject studied. It is the expectation for all students to complete at least one of these Core tasks for each subject, before the next holiday. However, the order, timing and choice of homework activity for each subject is up to the students’ themselves.

Download the Autumn 2 Homework Booklet for Your Year Group

Homework Year 7

Year 7 Homework, Autumn 2, 2021

Year 8 Homework

Year 8 Homework, Autumn 2, 2021

Year 9 Homework

Year 9 Homework, Autumn 2, 2021

Tasks are planned by teachers to support the learning happening in class that term and are differentiated. The Bronze task is the simplest activity, whilst Silver and Gold are increasing in challenge. In addition, every subject has set Enrichment extension activities that students may choose to complete and there is an optional Family task for each subject also. Most importantly, students receive reward credits for every completed piece of work, which you will be able to track on the ClassCharts app, and will contribute to the whole Academy reward system. The students will be able to use their homework credits to collect rewards and prizes!

Year 10 and 11 homework will be set by class teachers in accordance to Academy policy, but from September will be set on their ClassCharts account only. This should make it easier for students and parents to track the setting of tasks, deadlines and the completion of homework. Upper school students will also receive Bronze, Silver and Gold credits (1 ,3 and 5 credits respectively) for their completed work based on the teacher’s assessment of the quality of the work produced and will also contribute to the reward system.

Finally, all students who have not completed homework will be expected to complete classroom detentions to discuss or catch up on work with their teacher and will follow the Academy behaviour policy. There will also be a staffed Homework Club and is an opportunity to get the support of staff or to use the Academy resources to aid students in completing their homework successfully and is open to all students.

Homework Club runs on the following days and in the following rooms for each year group to ensure social bubbles are maintained during the pandemic:

Year 8 – Monday IT6 3-3:50pm
Year 9 – Tuesday IT5 3:10-3:50pm
Year 10 – Wednesday IT1 3:10-3:50pm
Year 7 – Thursday Library (LRC) 3-3:50pm

Further information, including how often homework is set in both the lower school (Years 7, 8 and 9) and upper school (years 10 and 11) can be found in the academy’s Homework Policy.

The frequency of extended learning every half term/term per subject area is expected to be as follows:

ENGLISH 1 project per half term
MATHS Once a week
SCIENCE Once per topic
SCIENCE GCSE Once per topic for biology, chemistry and physics
HISTORY Once a half term
HISTORY GCSE Twice a half term
GEOGRAPHY Once a fortnight
LANGUAGES Once a week
SE Once a half term
PE Extra curricular clubs, daily
DESIGN TECH 1 per rotation
FOOD TECH 1 per rotation
TEXTILES 1 per rotation
COMPUTING Once a half term
COMPUTER SCIENCE Once a half term
ART Once a half term
MUSIC Once a term
DRAMA Once a term
H. & S. CARE Twice a half term
MEDIA STUDIES Once a fortnight
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