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Behaviour for Learning

These Are Our Core beliefs

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What do we mean by Behaviour for Learning and why is it important?

Learning how to behave respectively so everyone has the best chance to succeed and be able to form positive relationships is as important to learning as any subject. In order for us to learn and develop we all need to;​

  • Respect each other and our environment where we learn​
  • When something goes wrong, we discuss, make amends and move on ​
  • Use restorative approaches to sort out problems ​
  • Follow instructions and cooperate ​
  • Take pride in our appearance ​
  • Learn to the best of our ability and encourage others to do the same (be a good friend)​
  • Attend every day and arrive on time for school and all lessons ​
  • Bring the right equipment and be organised​
  • Come and go in an calm and safe manner​

At Cliff Park we work restoratively to resolve issues and repair any relationships or harm that might have been caused between members of our Community.  Students will learn and understand the key restorative questions which staff use.  These are as follows;

The Restorative Conversation

  • What has happened?​
  • Who has been harmed/hurt or prevented from learning?​
  • What do you think about what happened now you have had a chance to think about it?​
  • What do you need to do to put it right?​
  • How could the situation be prevented in the future?​

This teaches our young people resilience.

Consequences of Behaviour


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