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Our Academy

Ethos & Values

Our academy is based on an ethos of excellence; encouraging students to fulfil our high expectations through a dedicated and caring approach, based on our core values of “Discover”, “Create”, “Thrive” and “Achieve”.

These are the names of the four academy “communities” and are the key traits that we want our young people to embrace as life-long learners and adults. By combining the hallmarks of a traditional secondary education with a vocational curriculum, relevant to contemporary life and future employment, the academy strives to provide a “world-class” educational provision for young people in the local area.

CPOA communities

Discover is to learn or find out; gain sight or knowledge of something previously unknown.

Create is to have the confidence and self-motivation to bring something unique into being, from one’s own thought or imagination.

Thrive is to grow, develop and be successful; to flourish.

Achieve is to fulfil your true potential, through the mastery of core knowledge and skills, and an ambition to be the best you can be.


All of these combine to create a provision that is designed to maximise the life-chances of every young person who passes through the academy doors, something which is also reflected through the academy’s aims:

Exam success – we want our students to get the best possible qualifications.

Challenge and engagement – we want our students to benefit from a wide variety of opportunities and experiences that ignite them; to be fully involved in and enjoy their learning, gaining appropriate skills for living and for work.

Self-identity, confidence and a feeling of self-worth – we want our students to develop the social skills and healthy habits, to succeed as active happy citizens.

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