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History is a vital part of the curriculum which fires pupils’ curiosity and imagination, moving and inspiring them with dilemmas, choices and beliefs of people and events of the past. The study of History develops skills of chronology, change, continuity, causation, significance, interpretation as well as providing a sense of belonging, national identity and diversity.

The subject specialists in the Department pride themselves on high quality teaching and learning. As a consequence, History is a popular option choice at GCSE. The History curriculum, explained below, for Years 7-9 is completed in weekly on hour lessons whilst the Key Stage 4 Edexcel SHP curriculum of 5 hours a fortnight is an option choice for students at GCSE in Years 9-11.

Year 7: Medieval Realms

  • What was the Norman Conquest?
  • What was everyday life like in the Middle Ages?
  • What made a good Medieval King?
  • What were relationships like between Christians and Muslims in the Middle Ages?

Year 8: The Making of the UK 1500-1750

  • Why did Richard Whiting die?
  • Why did people not know if they were going to Heaven or Hell in the 16th and 17th centuries?
  • Why did the world turn upside down?
  • Was the British Empire really ‘Great’?

Year 9 / 10 / 11:

Examination on:

  1. Medicine and Treatment 1350-Present
  2. Depth Study: The American West 1845-1918


  1. Vietnam (Historical enquiry, Comparison of 2 Representations, Analysis of 3 Representations)
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