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The Drama Department aims to equip the pupils with the skills to communicate, listen and work as a team under a time limit, to create a collaborative performance.  Pupils will develop confidence throughout the key stage 3 course to present work in front of others and discuss modifications in front of a class.  As well as the vital development of these skills, pupils explore social and moral decisions and experience characters who are outside of their own experience.  During key stage 4, as a GCSE option, pupils develop their skills and experiences and begin to learn how to manipulate an audience through their physicality.



Mrs A Taylor-Maughan – Head of Drama Department
Mrs M Rodwell – Drama/English Teacher



In Key Stage 3, Year 7 and 8 pupils study Drama for one lesson every 2 weeks.  Meanwhile Year 9 pupils study drama once a week.  Pupils will complete 3 topics in Year 7 and 8 and 6 topics in year 9.  These topics will cover a range of drama techniques and skills whilst exploring social, moral and cultural issues such as Bullying and alcohol abuse.


In Key Stage 4 students follow a GCSE course consisting of 5 lessons a fortnight.

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The GSCE course is designed to further develop confidence and manipulate physicality and language.  The pupils explore further techniques to communicate a scene and explore themes, events and scripts.  Throughout the course pupils are expected to complete three units, one based on a stimulus, one on a script and one on a final practical exam.  The course is a mixture of written and practical coursework.



The Drama department offers extra-curricular to students of all ages. Until February, there is a lower school drama club on a Wednesday night and an upper school drama club on a Tuesday night. After this time, evening rehearsals are dedicated to rehearsals for the end of term whole school musical. This is in collaboration with the music department.


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