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Cliff Park Ormiston Academy
Kennedy Avenue
Great Yarmouth
Norfolk NR31 6TA

Tel: 01493 661504

How Should I Communicate With The Academy?

If you do telephone the academy and ask to speak with the relevant person, please remember that teachers do have heavy teaching commitments and that it may not always be possible for them to take or make telephone calls. We will always endeavour to respond to concerns within a 48 hour period.

Please direct subject questions to the relevant class teacher or Subject/Faculty Leader.

More general concerns should be referred to your son/daughter’s Learning Community.

The first point of contact, if you are unsure about who you need to speak to, is always your son/daughter’s Assistant Principal and/or their Community Lead. They will be able to direct you to the right person if they are unable to help themselves.

If you still feel the matter has not been sufficiently dealt with you should contact either of the Vice Principals. If it is an urgent or delicate matter you can arrange a meeting with one of them through their Personal Assistant, Mrs L Carroll.

In the event that you wish to make a complaint about a member of staff, then you must contact the Principal via her Personal Assistant, Mrs J Spurgeon. Please note, that in the event of there being allegations made against a member of staff or a student, the academy will not be able to share information whilst any investigatory or disciplinary proceedings are in process.

Please can we discourage you from turning up at the academy to see a member of staff without an appointment; it is very unlikely that this will be possible.

Contact the Academy Via Email Using The Form Below


    All staff can also be contacted by email using their first initial and surname followed by


    How Will The Academy Be Communicating With Me?

    Our website is our main way of communicating with you, with all letters and key information being posted there.

    Please let Reception know if you do not have access to the internet and/or if you will still be requiring a “hard” copy of student progress reports and other important correspondence.

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