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Welcome to Cliff Park Ormiston Academy’s Careers Hub.

Throughout their time at Cliff Park Ormiston Academy, students will have the opportunity to visit post-16 training providers, colleges and universities. They will also have experiences of different industry sectors through drop-down days, trips and Insight into Industry talks.

Due to the current situation, some of these activities have not been able to take place.  Year 8 Work Shadowing and Year 10 Work Experience, for example, were both unfortunately cancelled.

Below you will find some activities that have been tailored for specific year groups. These activities are designed to get students thinking about their career pathway as they reflect upon their own skills.

For Years 7-9


If you can’t open the Word Document above please download the PDF version and print out to complete.

We have put an optional ‘Careers Activity Week’ together for students in Years 7-9 to explore between Monday 29th June and Friday 3rd July 2020.

The daily activities are listed below, and students should use the accompanying activities booklet (on the left) to record their answers. Students who email their completed booklets to Mrs Carroll ( by Monday 6th July 2020 will be entered into a prize draw.

Date Activities
Mon 29th June
All about me
Start by getting to know yourself. What are your strengths? What kind of person are you? What job might suit you?

(1) Take the 5-minute fun Buzz Quiz to find out which ‘animal’ you are and which area you might like to work in.

(2) Use our quick guide to log onto your START profile and complete the ‘about me’ section.
Tues 30th June
What am I interested in?
Spend some time today exploring the sorts of jobs you are interested in.

(1) Have a look at BBC Bitesize to explore different jobs that you are interested in. You may also want to use START as well.

(2) Explore ONE chosen job on iCould and answer the questions in the activities booklet.
Wed 1st July
What skills are employers looking for?
Qualifications are very important, but companies are also looking for ‘employability skills’.

(1) Watch this quick introduction to the skills that employers want, followed by this clip predicting the skills needed by 2030.

(2) List all your hobbies and interests (at school and outside). Write next to each one the skills these have helped you develop. For example, drama is great for communication skills; sport helps develop teamwork.
Thurs 2nd July & Fri 3rd July
Find out what going to work is really like
OK you can’t physically enter the workplace right now, but there’s plenty you can do to get a good idea of what goes on.

(1) Watch two episodes of Stacey Dooley’s ‘The Nine to Five: Five Teens, Five Industries’ TV series.

(2) For one of the teens, complete the activity in your workbook, exploring their journey.

For Year 10


If you can’t open the Word Document above please download the PDF version and print out to complete.

At Cliff Park Ormiston Academy, we believe that Work Experience is an important part of students’ careers education and we were sad to see it cancelled this year. In order to ensure students are still able to engage with employers whilst thinking about their post-16 choices, we have put together a ‘Virtual Work Experience’ programme of activities for students to complete between Monday 6th and Friday 10th July 2020.

The daily activities can be found below. An accompanying booklet can be downloaded on the left.

Date Activities
Mon 3rd July
All about me
Before you start exploring places of work, make sure you are aware of your skill set and where they could best be used.

(1) Complete pages 3-6 of your booklet

(2) Log into START, using Pages 7-8 for help. Complete the two modules, “Selling Yourself” and “Your Career Goal”.
Tuesday 4th July
Researching your placement
Turn your attention to either your planned work experience placement or your dream job.

Using page 9 of your booklet, either research the work experience placement that you were due to go on or pick a completely different company using the virtual tours available at icanbea and/or the job information at iCould.
Wednesday 5th July
Work Experience whilst at home
Although you are not able to go and complete your work experience, there are opportunities for you to gain some crucial work experience whilst staying at home. Pick one or two of the following activities.

(1) Head over to FutureFirst and see what alumni (ex-student) across the region have to say about your chosen industry area.

(2) Sign up to BarclaysLifeSkills and take part in their excellent interactive work experience video, FreeFormers.

(3) Book a place on a careers talk or listen to a pre-recorded one over at LearnLive! There is a wide selection of excellent careers talks from inspiring speakers.
Thursday 6th July
Completing your CV
Writing a CV.

(1) Rate your employability skills using page 10 of your booklet.

(2) Watch the OAK Academy online lesson on CV writing.

(3) Use pages 11-13 to complete your own CV.
Friday 7th July
Life after Cliff Park
Before you know it, you will be applying for positions at a post-16 provider. It may be East Norfolk Sixth Form College, East Coast College, Lowestoft Sixth Form College or somewhere in Norwich. Use this session to research what is on offer for you.

(1) Click on the Year 10 page of HelpYouChoose and explore the courses that are available to you. This site includes all the local post-16 providers, including apprenticeships.

(2) Find out what it is like at university by heading over to TheStudentRoom.

For Year 11

We are pleased to say that the vast majority of our students have successfully found post-16 placements. Their college or training provider has been in contact with students, introducing them to their online systems and setting transition work for them.

Year 11 Information
Parents-carers-pack August 2020
Parents & Carers’ Pack
Apprenticeship Podcast
Apprenticeship Podcast
Guidance for Year 11 Students
On Track for September – Help with your choices and applications for Sept 2020

We always like to hear how our past students are getting on and would love to see them back at Cliff Park, delivering talks and sharing their experiences with our current students.

Please encourage your son/daughter from the class of 2020 to complete this online survey regarding post-16 options and the possibility of talking to students who will be in their shoes over the next few years.

Students should email Mrs Carroll ( if they have any concerns or questions about their next steps.

Useful websites to explore

The following webpages provide information and activities on a huge range of career-related topics.

Engineering spotlight
Life Skills Lowestoft
Careers in Rail
Future First
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