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Academic Review 2018

To book an appointment to see your son/daughter’s Form Tutor, please click the Tutor name below.

For a small number of Form Groups, you will be asked to see a different member of staff due to staff absence. In this case, please click the name next to your son/daughter’s Form name.


Achieve Learning Community

7A/DFE Mr Ferguson (Mrs Ford)
7A/GRU Mrs Russell (Mr Hoyle)
8A/JHA Mr Harness (Mr Cullen)
8A/LBA Miss Engledow
9A/AHU Miss Taylor
9A/DDA Mrs Dawson
10A/AED Mr Ashurst
10A/MRO Mrs Rodwell/Mr Wakelin


Create Learning Community

7C/ALA Miss A Langhan
8C/CGR Mrs Howard
8C/NWH Mrs Roe
9C/KAD Miss Adcock
9C/JTR Mrs Hawkins
10C/JHW Mr Howard
10C/RSE Mr Sewell
11C/JHO Mr Hoyle
11C/NCU Mr Cullen


Discover Learning Community

7D/NSH Mrs Martin Schrader
7D/KWE Mrs Webb
8D/APA Mr Pacini
8D/JOB Mr O’Brien
9D/HRD Mrs Ribery-Doyle
9D/PWL Mrs Janota-Fisher
10D/JBU Mr Burton
10D/TPA Miss Parker


Thrive Learning Community

7T/JJO Mr Jones
7T/ZJA Miss Jackman
8T/NHE Mr Herridge
9T/NWR Mr Wright
9T/RCA Mr Callaby
10T/KOB Mrs O’Brien
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