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The academy library has a wide selection of both fiction and non-fiction books and is open to everyone in the academy to use. We operate the Accelerated Reader scheme at this academy for a selection of year groups. There are also a wide range of reference books for study use.

Cliff Park Ormiston Academy

The library is open to students on the following days after school:

Tuesday: GCSE Literature drop in

Wednesday: Extended Learning Support

Thursday: Extended Learning Support

Students can borrow one book at a time (reference books are for use in the library or by staff only).

Books are borrowed for 2 weeks – if students have not finished reading it, they can renew it for another two-week period. In Years 7 and 8, students follow the Accelerated Reader scheme. This encourages students to read by rewarding them for completing quizzes. Both parents and students are able to access the program at home by clicking HERE.

Students are responsible for the book that has been lent to them. Please encourage your son/daughter to look after the books – they are for everyone to share. Damaged or lost books will need to be replaced or paid for.

Please remind students not to leave books anywhere or give them to anyone else as they will still be responsible for it. Please also ensure that their bag is secure and drinks/food cannot damage the book.

The library is open most breaks for homework, reading and other school activities. At certain times, the library may only be available to a specific year group -please see the notices on the door if you are unsure.

If your son/daughter is a confident reader, we have a wide range of both fiction and non-fiction for them to borrow. They may also wish to help other students with their reading by becoming a Reading Mentor or a Student Librarian. If they are interested in either of these roles, please speak to the academy’s librarian.

Ms C Blamey

Academy Librarian

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