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Extended Learning

The academy is committed to ensuring that learning continues beyond the classroom and views extended learning as an integral part of a student’s education.

Extended Learning

Students will be assigned extended learning work via google classroom. The instructions and explanation of the task will arrive in the students’ Inbox and the date and time of the deadline appear on their google calendar.

Google Classroom


The work itself may be attached to the email, although this may not be appropriate for all tasks. For example, if a subject area is working on exam question preparation that requires students to answer extended questions by hand.

Students who are required to research or complete presentations may attach work and return it by email to staff. Feedback from marked work can be received via email and students have an opportunity to respond to feedback and resubmit work if appropriate.

Parents who have supplied their current email address to the academy will receive a weekly email from Classroom Guardian. This will inform parents of upcoming assignment deadlines/work due in the following week, and highlight unsubmitted work from the previous week.

Staff may contact parents by phone directly if a serious concern arises with the quality of work or work is being falsely submitted. However, all students’ efforts and performance with regard to extended learning will be indicated on the online progress report each term.

If a set extended learning task requires students to use ICT to complete it, and they do not have access to a computer at home, they are encouraged to take advantage of the use of the academy’s ICT facilities at lunch time or after school on a Tuesday and Wednesday.

The frequency of extended learning every half term/term per subject area is expected to be as follows:

ENGLISH 1 project per half term
MATHS Once a week
SCIENCE Once per topic
SCIENCE GCSE Once per topic for biology, chemistry and physics
HISTORY Once a half term
HISTORY GCSE Twice a half term
GEOGRAPHY Once a fortnight
LANGUAGES Once a week
SE Once a half term
PE Extra curricular clubs, daily
DESIGN TECH 1 per rotation
FOOD TECH 1 per rotation
TEXTILES 1 per rotation
COMPUTING Once a half term
ART Once a half term
MUSIC Once a term
DRAMA Once a term
H. & S. CARE Twice a half term
MEDIA STUDIES Once a fortnight


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