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Target Setting, Assessment Cycle & Reporting Policy

Target Setting

At Cliff Park Ormiston Academy, we are committed to ensuring that all within our community make outstanding progress. As a result, personalised, Aspirational Target Grades are set for all students. These are based on Key Stage 2 test results and the average progress made by similar students in the top 5% of the country. They are challenging, but attainable targets and represent the grade that a student should be aiming for at GCSE. In Years 7-9, we also set an interim, End of Year Target Grade.

CPOA Excercise

Formal Assessment Points

There are 6 assessment points during each academic year and 3 data formal collections. Deadlines for these will be shown on the academy calendar, with a one week window to allow for the input of data prior to a subject moderation meeting.

Class Teachers are responsible for ensuring that the assessment grades for the classes they teach are recorded on Go4Schools, as per the academy policy:

  • Assessment data which will provide a Current Grade.
  • Projected Grade (Year 10 and 11) / Progress Measure (Year 7, 8 and 9).
  • Attitude to Learning Score.
  • Extended Learning Score.

Subject Leaders are responsible for the timely completion and quality assurance of their subject data. Once grades have been entered onto the system, they will ensure that all data is internally moderated. At this time Class Teachers may also review and adjust Target Grades in consultation with SLT.

Reports and Go4Schools

We will report on student progress every term.

Reports will be made available to students and parents through Go4Schools. They can be accessed by clicking on the icon below:

go4schools logo

Parents are actively encouraged to discuss the report carefully with their child, highlighting areas for improvement and considering action points for further progression. Where there is a corresponding parents’ evening, this should be done with the support of the Class Teacher.

Form Tutors will ensure that this process is also completed in Form Time, with action points being formally recorded in Student Planners. These action points will then be reviewed and adjusted at the next reporting cycle.

Class Teachers will ensure that Target Grades are shown on the Academy Tracking Sticker on the front of a student’s exercise book and that current performance (including teacher comments) is recorded using the Academy Feedback Sticker.

Individual student progress is reviewed both by subject areas and the Pastoral Team with a view to celebrating success and to address underachievement. Should a student not be making expected progress then an intervention will be put in place. Where a student is consistently exceeding their Target Grades, then these will be reviewed and, if appropriate, increased (see above).


Upper School:

The Office of Qualifications and Examinations Regulation (Ofqual) is currently introducing new reformed GCSEs. These will have more content, a higher focus on literacy, and in most cases will be assessed through examination only. In addition, the grades awarded will be from 9 to 1, instead of A* to G.

The reformed GCSEs for English and mathematics are already in place and our current Year 11s will be the first cohort to sit these examinations. With the exception of Design Technology, our current Year 10 students will be the first cohort to sit the new GCSEs in all subject areas. From September 2018, only the revised GCSE specifications or a government approved high value vocational qualification will be taught in all subject areas.

For information on the new GCSE gradings, please view the DfE’s guide for parents.

Lower School:

In relation to the revised GCSE system, Class Teachers have developed a flight path model of assessment for Years 7, 8 and 9. This looks at the knowledge, skills and understandings that a student must have acquired in each subject, each year to be on track to achieve their target grade at the end of their GCSE courses (please see Life after Levels guidance).

Data Sharing:

Academy and individual student tracking data will be released to staff and other stakeholders in line with the academy calendar. This will include:

  • Overview of projections for year group, including a breakdown by subject, class and focus groups.
  • Tracking spreadsheet for each year group, including every student’s Target, Current and Projected Grade, their average Attitude to Learning Score and subject residuals.

You can download a copy of the CPOA Assessment Booklet HERE

You can download a copy of the CPOA Assessment Cycle and Reporting Policy HERE

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