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Please Click On The Links Below To Read Our Policies.

Academy Uniform Policy (SEPT 2016)

Accessibility Plan (SEPT 2017)

Accident and or Incident Investigation and Reporting (NOV 2016).pdf

Admissions Policy (MARCH 2017 OAT)

Allegations of Abuse Against Staff Policy (OCT 2016 OAT).pdf

Anti Bullying Policy (OCT 2017))

Attendance – Supporting Student (APRIL 17 OAT)

Behaviour Policy (SEPT 2017)

Capability Policy Final (2013 Consulted OAT)

CCTV Policy (SEPT 2016)

Charging and Remissions Policy (JUNE 2016)

Child Protection & Safeguarding Policy (SEPT 2017)

Children Missing Education statutory guidance (2016)

Children Missing In Education OAT (NOV 2016)

Code of Conduct OAT Employees (SEPT 2016)

Complaints Policy (MARCH 2016)

Crisis Management Policy OAT and PLMR (APRIL 2017)

Data Protection policy (FEB 17 OAT)

DBS Policy and Guidance (OCT 2017)

Detention Protocol (JAN 2017)

Drugs, Alcohol and Tobacco policy (APRIL 2017 OAT)

E-Safety Policy (JULY 2017)

Equality Policy (NOV 2017)

General Equality Duty and Plan (SEPT 2017)

Exclusions Policy (OCT 2017)

Extended Learning Policy (SEPT 2017)

Financial Statement (2015-16)

Fire Evacuation Policy (SEPT 2016)

First Aid Policy (FEB 2017 T-OAT)

Freedom of Information Policy (SEPT 2017)

Gifts Hospitality Policy (NOV 2015 OAT)

Health and Safety in Science Policy (March 2017 OAT)

Health and Safety Policy (NOV 2016 OAT)

Home Visiting Policy (MARCH 2016 T-OAT-POL-S02)

ICT Acceptable Use Policy (MARCH 2017 OAT)

Literacy Policy – (under review by the academy)

Lockdown Policy (MARCH 2016 OAT)

Looked After Children Policy (NOV 2015)

Mobile Phone Policy (SEPT 2016)

More Able Policy (JUNE 2016)

Prevent Policy (MARCH 2016 OAT)

Prevent PowerPoint (2016)

Reasonable Adjustments Policy for Pupils (March 2016 T-OAT-POL-EO01)

Restraint Policy (OCT 2017)

Rest Centre Plan 2016-17

Restraint Policy – LOG SHEET

Rewards Policy (OCT 2017)

Science Department Policy (MARCH 2017 T-OAT-POL-SC01)

SEN Policy (2016- 2017)

Sex and Relationships Policy (NOV 2017).pdf

Social Media Policy (MARCH 2017)

Staff Discipline Policy (JULY 2016 OAT)

Staff Dress Code (SEPT 2016)

Supporting Staff Attendance (JULY 2016 OAT)

Supporting Students With Medical Needs (APRIL 2017 OAT)

Teaching and Learning Policy (SEPT 2016)

Visitors policy (JULY 2016 OAT)

Whistle Blowing Policy (DEC 2015 OAT)

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