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Exam Results 2018

“Overall outcomes achieved by pupils have improved rapidly… pupils achievement is now very good.”

“The progress made by pupils in English and maths by the end of Key Stage 4 is exceptional.”

(Ofsted, 2016)

As a result of high quality teaching, learning and assessment across the curriculum, the academy consistently achieves excellent progress at GCSE.

Value Added indicators have been consistently very high, placing the academy in top 20% of schools and academies nationally for the past 4 years. Based on the most recent GCSE results, we anticipate that the academy’s Progress 8 Score will remain highly positive in 2018.  This clearly demonstrates the success of our innovative curriculum and represents the high levels of progress that our students make in a wide range of subject areas.

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% Basics Grade: 5 Attainment 8 Score Progress 8 Score
22% 41.14 0.1

** Unvalidated dataset

Overall, 43% of students achieved at least a Grade 4 in English and maths, while 54% of students gained a Grade 4 or higher in English, and 50% secured a Grade 4 in maths. High grades were also common, with a large number of students achieving the new Grade 9 results in English and/or mathematics. The new Grade 9 is the equivalent of a very high A*.

These students include:

  • Will Simm achieved five Grade 9s; a Grade 8; 2 Grade 7s, two Bs and a Distinction.
  • Anna Duffield gained three Grade 9s, four Grade 8s, two A Grades, a Grade 6, a Distinction* and a Distinction 
  • Anya Heywood celebrated receiving a Grade 9, a Grade 8, two Grade 7s, two Grade 6s, a Grade 5, two B Grades, a Distinction* and a Distinction 
  • Be Be Patterson achieved two Grade 9s, three Grade 8s, two Grade 7s, two As, a Distinction and Distinction*
  • Isabel Wilson gained a Grade 9, three Grade 7s, two Grade 6s, an A and a B Grade, one Distinction* and a Distinction.

All of our Year 11 students successfully entered further education, employment or training. We congratulate them on their achievements and look forward to ensuring that all our future students realise their full potential.

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